Kimberly-Clark Introduces New, Improved Kotex Products
Kimberly-Clark Introduces New, Improved Kotex Products
Jul 2, 2003

Kimberly-Clark Introduces News, Improved Kotex Products DALLAS, July 2, 2003 - Responding to changing consumer needs, Kimberly-Clark Corporation (NYSE: KMB), maker of the No. 1 feminine care brand in the U.S., today announced three new products that will hit store shelves in August: Kotex BodyFit Ultra Thin pads, Kotex Ultra Thin Long pads with Wings and Kotex Lightdays Purse-Paks Ultra Coverage pantiliners. The company also announced improvements across its entire range of Kotex Ultra Thin and Thick pads. 

"These new products and innovations are the result of listening to women's no-holds-barred opinions about what they expect from feminine products," said Timothy J. Lehman, president of Kimberly-Clark's Feminine Care sector. "Since 1920 when Kimberly-Clark created the feminine pad category with the introduction of Kotex tabbed napkins, we've continually expanded and improved the brand by leveraging our proprietary technologies and staying attuned to consumers' needs. Product performance remains a key to strengthening the Kotex brand's connection with consumers and K-C's drive to category leadership." 

New Kotex BodyFit Pads Offer Versatility, Comfort 

New Kotex BodyFit Ultra Thin pads is a first-of-a-kind product that allows women to wear their favorite style of underwear, all month long. It has a tapered design at the back of the pad and adjustable wings with strips by Velcro USA Inc. that give women comfort and confidence when wearing any style of underwear, from briefs to bikinis to thongs. 

In addition to the tapered design, Kotex BodyFit pads incorporate K-C's Leak Lock System, a proprietary technology consisting of new absorbent structures that give the pads a dual-layer design. The pads contain more absorbent material in the center to help prevent leaks. 

"Women told us that their No. 1 concern is still protection against leaks," Lehman said. "Kimberly-Clark's innovative Leak Lock System is the driver behind our new products and product improvements. Women who tried our new Leak Lock products told us that they were comfortable and absorbed faster than before." 

Driving Category Growth With New Kotex Ultra Thin Long Pads With Wings 

To meet consumer demand for an ultra thin pad that's both longer and has wings, K-C will introduce the new Kotex Ultra Thin Long pads with Wings, building on the success of the popular Kotex Ultra Thin Long pads. Like Kotex BodyFit pads, it too features the new Leak Lock technology and the added benefit of Wings. 

Kimberly-Clark is also updating two existing ranges of Kotex products with the Leak Lock System: Kotex Maxi pads and Kotex Ultra Thin pads. The new Leak Lock technology in Kotex Ultra Thin products reduces the chance of leakage by more than 25 percent. In addition to the Leak Lock technology, Kotex Maxi pads have a new Flexi-Groove channel, giving the product a soft, feminine appearance. 

Building a Better Pantiliner 

Kimberly-Clark invented the pantiliner category with the introduction of Kotex Lightdays pantiliners in 1975. The company is building on its brand leadership with the introduction of Kotex Lightdays Ultra Coverage Purse-Paks liners - the largest size liner available in the category for maximum coverage and protection. K-C is also rolling out improvements to its Kotex Lightdays Purse-Paks liners. Both feature a new, softer cover and more flexible materials for shape retention; and an improved "Secure Hold" adhesive coverage to help keep the pantiliners in place. The products come individually wrapped in convenient five-count pouches that keep the pantiliners clean and handy inside a handbag, locker or drawer. 

More Innovative Packaging; Red Dot Campaign Gets The Word Out 

In addition to its new products and improvements, Kimberly-Clark is also rolling out new innovative packaging that will help increase everyday usage by getting feminine care products out from under the bathroom sink and onto countertops. Starting this August, Kotex Lightdays pantiliners will be available in a new Deco Box, a decorative box with attractive graphics for distinctive tastes. In addition, Kotex Security tampons will be available in a new appealing, 10-count package designed to attract young consumers. 

The new and improved Kotex products will be supported by the award-winning "Red Dot" advertising campaign, which has aired in 35 countries and has won two Latin American EFFE awards and the "They Get It" award from the Advertising Women of New York. To learn more about the new Kotex products and the Red Dot campaign, visit and

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