Kotex Brand Launches Evolution of Iconic "Red Dot" Campaign
Kotex Brand Launches Evolution of Iconic "Red Dot" Campaign
Oct 20, 2004

DALLAS/CHICAGO, October 20, 2004-Kimberly-Clark's (NYSE:KMB) Kotex Brand launches the evolution of its iconic "Red Dot" advertising campaign, first released in 2000 that broke through the traditional feminine care advertising mold with refreshingly honest dialogue.

Continuing its signature graphic look - punctuated by the "red dot," which universally represents a woman's period, and innovative insights into young women, the evolved campaign is a 360 degree communication. The effort includes product and packaging innovations; a campaign of print and television; and high impact alternative media choices. The advertising campaign was created by Kotex brand's agency of record, Ogilvy & Mather, led by the agency's Chicago office.

"We are a lifelong brand to young women and as such constantly leverage new insights from our extensive research with women around the world," said Tim Lehman, President, Adult and Feminine Care Sector, Kimberly-Clark. "The fresh common threads and themes we found, clearly visible in the campaign, help women make sense of the way they feel physically and emotionally during their periods."

Kotex Brand Really "Gets" Women

Based on its insight into women's lifestyles, Kotex, which is the only feminine care brand to offer products across all three major product forms (pads, liners and tampons,) has created products and packaging that go beyond functionality to make women feel special. Speaking to that insight, innovative products and packaging are part of the brand's 360 degree communication encompassing all major touchpoints with young women.

"Kotex is among an elite group of brands that truly 'get' women by creating the same affinity in feminine care that women feel towards their favorite fashion and beauty brands," said Lehman. "In this campaign, we speak to a woman in the context of her whole life, not just in the context of her period."

For example, Kotex Lightdays everyday pantiliner, packaged in an appealing decorative box lined with tissue paper and a gold seal that sits discreetly on a bathroom counter, was recently launched and is available in a variety of botanical scents including Aloe Whisper, Chamomile Dreams and Lavender Blossom. Sales have surpassed competitor new liner introductions, and new advertising will begin in the fourth quarter.

Another example of innovation is Kotex Body Fit Ultra Thin, the only ultra thin pad designed to be worn with thong underwear, a growing trend in underwear choice for women of all ages. 

An Illustration of a Young Woman's World

The advertising campaign is illustration-based and initially includes three television spots, three print advertisements and the use of a national mall tour.

"Creatively, the campaign shows an illustration of a young woman's world - not a literal one, but emotional," said Christine Schipke, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather Chicago. "In the campaign, we show a world that springs from a connective line or 'common threads' shared by all women, punctuated by a red dot. Through this, Kotex offers a bigger sense of our young woman's world and the period as just one part. The campaign strengthens its tone of sisterhood with visuals and language that employ a feminine sensibility young women immediately recognize."

Illustrator Yoko Ikeno created the images with the Kotex Brand and Ogilvy teams; animation house ACME Filmworks brought the illustrations to life.

Ikeno was chosen as a partner to the effort based on her ability to capture feminine sensibilities, as witnessed in her work with brands such as Bloomingdales, MAC Cosmetics, MTV, VogueElle and Marie Claire.

"Yoko's work has a beautiful simplicity that captures the unexpected detail only a woman sees," said Schipke. 

Mindshare's WOW Factory Takes Creative to Alternative Media

A sky mural component, developed by Mindshare's WOW Factory in New York and Mindshare Chicago, targets young women with a high-impact alternative medium.

The double-sided sky murals run 16 feet high by 12 feet wide and hang from the ceiling within core areas of shopping malls. Mall kiosks and dioramas in the top five markets further ensure optimal reach and message frequency.

This use of sky murals by Kimberly Clark's Kotex brand marks the first time a consumer goods product will advertise in this unique medium.

"As part of a 360 degree communications strategy, we expand the campaign's brand message literally beyond traditional advertising to directly connect with our target audience of young women aged 18 to 24," said Dave Rasmussen, Mindshare. "Utilizing nontraditional media such as sky murals in high-traffic shopping malls, a place that's relevant for all young women, allows us a unique opportunity to share our dialogue directly with targeted consumers in a hip, stylish way. We will create maximum exposure by sharing one consistent message across a variety of media outlets."

Sky murals will be used in key markets including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Detroit, Seattle and Miami. 

The :30 television spot breaks today. 

Two :15 spots will air in November and December. Media was placed by Mindshare Chicago and includes buys on ABC, NBC, FOX, UPN and WB as well as MTV, Fuse, E!, Family Channel, Comedy Central, USA and VH1. 

Three initial print advertisements are in Entertainment WeeklyIn TouchInStylePeopleTV GuideWoman's WorldHealth, ElleTeen Vogue and Lucky

With the launch of the Red Dot campaign more than four years ago, Kotex Brand pledged to bring truth and honesty to the feminine care category, shattering a pattern of unrealistic communication about how women think and feel during their periods.

The original campaign showed the red dot interrupting a prom or a vacation. The frank, you-go-girl tone was unique and immediately resonated with young women.

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