Kimberly-Clark Introduces Kleenex Moist Cloths
Kimberly-Clark Introduces Kleenex Moist Cloths
Mar 30, 2005

Dallas, March 30, 2005 - Kimberly-Clark Corporation (NYSE: KMB) today announced the North American launch of Kleenex Moist Cloths, the latest innovation from the company's global Kleenex brand.

Kleenex Moist Cloths are thick, soft, disposable hand and face cloths created for use around the home. The product provides an innovative solution to an unmet consumer need for a disposable alternative to a washcloth or wet paper towel--one that is more substantial and easier to use than traditional hand and face wipes. Kleenex Moist Cloths are large and hand-sized (8.5 inches x 8.25 inches) and feature a mild, alcohol-free formulation that is gentle on the skin.

"Consumers have told us they need a quick, convenient way to clean hands and faces following the sticky messes that happen everywhere in the home," said Rob van der Merwe, group president, North Atlantic Family Care. "Dry paper towels or napkins can't get you clean enough, and traditional wipes are often not readily at hand and can be difficult to unfold, too wet or too thin.

"Kleenex Moist Cloths provide the perfect, accessible solution, whether it's to clean a toddler's face or wipe your fingers after enjoying pizza or a bowl of buttery popcorn in the family room."

Insights from Consumers

Consumer feedback led Kimberly-Clark to create a facial tissue-type carton for Kleenex Moist Cloths rather than the traditional, portable tub container used for regular wipes.

The product's unique packaging features high-quality graphics and seven attractive colors. Like Kleenex facial tissue, Kleenex Moist Cloths are designed to blend with home décor so that the carton may be kept out for ready use. A stay-moist seal and snap-tight lid ensure that the cloths remain fresh yet allow for easy, one-hand dispensing.

In developing Kleenex Moist Cloths, Kimberly-Clark leveraged a unique ability to marry its proprietary hydroknit technology to the power of the Kleenex brand, filling a consumer need with a new product that already seems familiar. The company's hydroknit process creates a material that is extremely strong and absorbent but also soft and cloth-like.

Kleenex Moist Cloths will be available at major retail outlets throughout North America beginning in April. Consumers will be able to find them in the facial tissue section of most stores, along with Kleenex facial tissue.

The product launch is being supported with a $20 million-plus advertising, public relations and promotional campaign. Kleenex Moist Cloths will be sold in convenient 40-count packages, with suggested retail pricing of $2.39 per package.

More Innovations From the Kleenex Brand

Kleenex Moist Cloths are the most recent in a line of new products from the Kleenex brand. Drawn from consumer insights, these innovations are intended to further strengthen Kimberly-Clark's global leadership position in hands, face and body hygiene. Other recent examples:


  • In August 2004, the company successfully introduced Kleenex Anti-Viral tissue, a facial tissue designed to kill 99.9% of five common cold and flu viruses in the tissue within 15 minutes.



  • Kimberly-Clark worked with Johnson Controls late last year to resize its Kleenex Juniors tissue boxes to fit into a new system that keeps Kleenex tissues within easy reach in many new cars and SUVs. Johnson Controls' innovative Railport? Vehicle Personalization system, which is integrated into a vehicle's overhead structure, accommodates various products, such as Kleenex Juniors tissues, keeping them up and out of the way but easily accessible to catch a sneeze or sniffle.


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