New Pull-Ups® Training Pants Help Parents And Tots Achieve Potty Training Success
New Pull-Ups® Training Pants Help Parents And Tots Achieve Potty Training Success
Apr 24, 2006

DALLAS, April 24, 2006 – Four million toddlers will begin potty training this year – that's more than 10,000 Tots every day. To help parents and toddlers achieve potty training success, Kimberly-Clark Corporation (NYSE: KMB) and the PULL-UPS® brand introduces new PULL-UPS® Training Pants with Cool Alert™ and PULL-UPS® Night*Time.

Only new PULL-UPS® Training Pants with Cool Alert™ have a special coolness zone inside of the pant that helps toddlers feel cool within seconds of becoming wet to help them learn to stay dry. Any verbal or facial response the child may have from the cooling effect, such as a surprise look or saying "Cold," will help alert parents to an immediate potty training opportunity. They can take the moment to act as a potty coach and go with their child to the bathroom, explain what just happened and help teach them the difference between wet and dry.

"Parents should teach their child that the cool feeling means potty time," says Jen Singer, a stay-at-home mom, creator of the award-winning Web site and PULL-UPS® Potty Training Partner1. "When the child wets the pant, mom or dad can encourage their child to run through their potty routine – such as sitting on the toilet, pulling up and down their pants, washing up and getting a reward for a job well done."

New PULL-UPS® Night*Time Training Pants with extra absorbency help maintain potty training consistency at night. According to an unprecedented study conducted by the Medical College of Wisconsin, switching back and forth at night between diapers and training pants confuses the child and slows down the process.

In addition to the two new products, PULL-UPS® Training Pants with Learning Designs® for boys will now include characters from the new Disney/Pixar CARS movie, just as the much anticipated movie hits theaters. Girl designs will also feature updated Disney Princesses graphics. Learning Designs® are available for children who learn best visually. Only Learning Designs® have vibrant underwear-like graphics and designs that fade when wet inside and out.

All three training pants go on and off like Big Kid® underwear and feature easy-open-sides that give moms easy access – just in case.

Other Helpful Products and Advice


  • Totline: Because June is "Potty Training Awareness Month" – the most popular time of year to train – parents can call the Totline at 1-877-4BIG-KID every Saturday in June to get one-on-one, live advice from our Potty Training Partners.
  • Parents can download and print motivational tools including games, certificates and progress charts. There are helpful coaching tips, message boards and advice that address parents' questions such as how to tell if your child is ready to start potty training, what techniques are effective and what the differences are between "boy" and "girl" training pants.

"The PULL-UPS® brand understands that no two children train alike," said Steve Kalmanson, group president, North Atlantic Consumer Products. "Our aim is to continue to listen to parents' concerns and offer a variety of potty training solutions to help make potty training easier for parents and their toddlers."

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1PULL-UPS® brand enlisted the Potty Training Partners, a panel of pediatricians, child psychologists and parenting experts, to share their insights and help make potty training easier for both parents and toddlers.