Kimberly-Clark's Consumer Scott Brand Achieves Billion-Dollar Status In The U.S.; Reaches More Than $2 Billion Globally
Kimberly-Clark's Consumer Scott Brand Achieves Billion-Dollar Status In The U.S.; Reaches More Than $2 Billion Globally
Jan 24, 2007

DALLAS, Jan. 24, 2007 – Kimberly-Clark Corporation (NYSE: KMB) today announced its Scott brand crossed the billion-dollar U.S. sales mark in 2006, following four consecutive years of significant growth in the consumer bath tissue and towel category. With this milestone, the Scott brand joins the top tier of consumer packaged goods brands with over $1 billion in U.S. sales.

When combined with sales of Scott-branded products in Europe and in Kimberly-Clark Professional and K-C's developing and emerging markets businesses, the brand's worldwide sales exceed $2 billion, underscoring the Scott name as one of K-C's power brands. The Scott brand stands alongside Huggies and Kleenex in the elite company of billion-dollar brands.

"Billion-dollar brands are recognized as precious, strategic growth drivers for consumer packaged goods companies," said Steve Kalmanson, Group President of Kimberly-Clark's North Atlantic Consumer Products. "These mega brands have strong, life-long relationships with very large consumer groups, making them must haves for every retail shelf – and offering powerful platforms for further growth."

Since 2002, the Scott brand has led the U.S. consumer bath tissue and towel category with a 7 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR), compared with overall category growth of approximately 4 percent.

In addition to bath tissue and paper towels, the Scott brand is used globally on other K-C products including flushable moist wipes, napkins, disposable rags and shop towels. In the U.S., it is the preferred choice for consumers and professionals who focus on practical quality and good value both at home and in the workplace.

To help put the scale and reach of the Scott brand in everyday terms, consider:

  • In 2006, the Scott brand sold over 84 million miles of consumer bath tissue in the U.S. alone, enough to circle the Earth more than 3,300 times
  • One out of every four U.S. households has Scott bath tissue in it.
  • More than 9 out of 10 Americans know the Scott brand.

The Scott brand invented many of the product categories consumers today rely on throughout the world, including rolled toilet paper, paper towels for household and kitchen use, and paper napkins.


Kimberly-Clark continues to drive the brand's growth by focusing on product and marketing innovation. Recent product innovations include:

  • Scott Extra Soft bath tissue – reached more than $100 million in retail sales in 2005, placing it among the top 1 percent of all consumer packaged goods introductions that year.
  • Scott Rapid-Dissolving bath tissue – addresses the needs of consumers who are concerned with plumbing clogs or have septic systems or older homes.
  • Scott Choose-A-Size towels – provides consumers the ability to choose the right sized towel for any size mess – big or small.
  • Scott Moist Wipes – launched in 2004, has gained the No. 2 flushable moist wipe position in less than two years.
  • Scott Coreless bath tissue – offers high capacity, less waste and efficiency for business facilities.
  • Scott Scottfold towels – delivers one-at-a-time dispensing using fewer towels and reduces cost for business owners.

Recent marketing innovations include:

  • The Scott Common Sense Community – an online community of more than 400,000 users sharing common sense solutions to make lives easier.
  • The Scott Flushability campaign – a program using former NFL football superstar and coach Mike Ditka to educate consumers on the importance of using the right bath tissue at the right time, and how Scott bath tissue dissolves four times faster than the leading brand.

"Scott has established a very strong connection with consumers and professionals as the common-sense choice – the brand that delivers what it takes to get the job done, for people who want substance, value and quality," said Kalmanson. "By delivering solutions that meet their needs, we've built a loyal group of users and have positioned the Scott brand for continued expansion and global growth."


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