Kleenex Brand Launches MyKleenexTissue
Kleenex Brand Launches MyKleenexTissue
Feb 13, 2007

Kleenex Brand Launches MyKleenexTissue

NEENAH, Wis., Feb. 13, 2007 – Bring your personal style and vision to life with the newest innovation from Kleenex facial tissue – MyKleenexTissue. Building on the Kleenex brand's leadership in package style and design, MyKleenexTissue enables consumers to create their own one-of-a-kind Kleenex Ovals tissue carton incorporating personal photos, messages, and custom designs and colors.

Personalized Kleenex Ovals tissue cartons are available exclusively through www.mykleenextissue.com, a new Web site from the Kleenex brand. Creating a custom Kleenex Ovals tissue carton design via the Web site is simple and easy. Just select a background design and color from dozens of available options, submit a digital photo, and add clip art or a personal message. Then place the order – for just one Kleenex Ovals tissue carton, or as many as desired – and the product is custom-printed and delivered within five to seven business days.

"Personalization is a growing trend in consumer products, and the Kleenex brand is one of the leading players in meeting consumer's desires," said Peggy Nabbefeldt, Kleenex brand marketing director. "For many years, we have offered a variety of package designs and colors to help Kleenex tissue users show their sense of style. Now we're taking the next step and giving people the opportunity to let their creativity and imagination soar by creating their own Kleenex Oval tissue carton designs."

Personalized Kleenex Ovals tissues can be designed to complement home or office décor, to mark life's special moments, or to provide a unique gift or greeting, limited only by an individual's imagination. For example: 

  • Create a unique baby announcement for friends and family by designing a package with the newborn's photo, name, and date of birth.
  • Send a very special birthday greeting to grandma by depicting her grandchild's latest crayon masterpiece on a Kleenex Ovals tissue carton.
  • Put family photos, vacation snapshots – or even that great shot of the family pet – on Kleenex Ovals tissue cartons for display in the home or office.
  • Develop specialized colors, designs and themes that harmonize with the different rooms of a home.
  • Order a dozen Kleenex Ovals tissue cartons customized with photos of the bride and groom – Kleenex brand tissues always come in handy at a wedding.

"We want to reinforce the connection people feel toward the Kleenex brand as a part of their daily lives and their most emotional moments," said Nabbefeldt. "What better way to build that bond than by giving consumers the ability to create their own Kleenex Ovals tissue carton to express their individuality, celebrate a special event, or to share the simple joys of life."

To learn more about how to create and order, as well as the cost of the new personalized Kleenex Ovals tissue carton, go to www.mykleenextissue.com.

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The world's first and America's best-selling facial tissue, the Kleenex brand is recognized by families in more than 150 countries. Invented in 1924, Kleenex tissues were initially marketed as a sanitary way to remove cold cream and makeup. Once advertising was shifted to emphasize the product's use as a disposable handkerchief, however, sales soared. Always the innovative leader, Kleenex brand facial tissue has met the needs of consumers for more than 80 years with products that provide the comforting, reassuring touch to make things better.

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