Kimberly-Clark Professional Urges Facility Managers to "Hire the Best -- Hire WypAll*" - Apr 17, 2017
Kimberly-Clark Professional Urges Facility Managers to "Hire the Best -- Hire WypAll*"
Apr 17, 2017

ROSWELL, Ga., April 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Who would you hire for your tough cleaning tasks? Kimberly-Clark Professional is challenging facility managers to apply the same rigorous standards they use in hiring an employee to "hiring" a wiping solution. In fact, taking a casual attitude toward hiring wiping solutions may be a costly mistake. 

Facility managers are surprised to find out their choice of wiping solutions can impact the bottom line – either creating inefficiencies, quality defects, waste OR the ability to improve them!  Facility managers can select WypAll* Wipers for better performance than textiles, such as rags and shop towels.

With WypAll* Wipers, workers get a consistently clean, fresh wiper every time. No more searching through rags to find one that will do the job. The result? Productivity increases with every wipe. WypAll* Wipers absorb more than rags and contain less lint allowing workers to achieve outstanding results using fewer wipers. And WypAll* Wipers may help meet sustainability goals by reducing disposal waste compared to rags.

Research has shown even after repeated laundering, 100% of shop towels tested contain lead and other heavy metals which can leave contaminants on surfaces and hands. Lint from rags can also transfer to surfaces and affect the quality of production processes such as painting.

"Setting high standards and demanding your wiping solution actually deliver value which is critical to your work process is a paradigm shift which brings benefits beyond the bottom line," said John R. Adams, Industrial Business Leader for Kimberly-Clark Professional in North America. "WypAll* wipers are the ideal candidate to help manufacturers improve productivity, reduce waste and increase overall efficiency. They provide the right tool for the task, every time."

Across any application and manufacturing segment, WypAll* offers comprehensive wiping systems that provide confidence in a job well done. The product line includes:

  • WypAll* X80 Cloths – The extended use HYDROKNIT* wiper of choice for the toughest jobs. Perfect for heavy industrial tasks, cleaning grease, grime and oil. Pound for pound, absorbs water 30% more and significantly faster than shop towels.
  • WypAll* X 60 Cloths – An extended use, general purpose wiper with HYDROKNIT* power. Pound for pound, absorbs water 2x faster, 2x more but also leaves 3x less lint than rags. Perfect for light-duty tasks and designed to reduce waste.
  • WypAll* L 40 Towels – A limited use wiper engineered for strength, softness and absorbency. Gentle on the surface yet easily absorbs liquids, lubricants and oils. Soft enough for use on face and hands, and a great option for general purpose wiping.
  • WypAll Waterless Wipes - For on the go cleaning tasks, this pre-saturated cleaning system is dual textured, with a smooth side for wiping and an abrasive side for scrubbing. Great for oil, grease, grime and dirt.

Kimberly-Clark Professional backs WypAll Wipers with a 60-day money back guarantee. If a customer does not see a 20% savings by totally replacing rags or shop towels with WypAll wipers for 60 days, Kimberly-Clark Professional will reimburse the difference between the cost of their old product and the WypAll* product up to $1,000.

For proof that WypAll* Wipers are a better choice than rags, visit to see a side by side comparison and to arrange a seven day free trial. Experience why WypAll* Wipers are the right tool for every task.

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