Real Moms and Experts Team Up with Pull-Ups Brand to Introduce a Whole New Way to Potty Train - Apr 5, 2016
Real Moms and Experts Team Up with Pull-Ups Brand to Introduce a Whole New Way to Potty Train
Apr 5, 2016
Actress Jaime King and the Viral Video Star Behind Story of This Life Share Their Support for the Pull-Ups Potty Partnership - the Potty Training Method Based on Your Toddler's Unique Personality

DALLAS, April 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The power struggle is real for parents of toddlers. Many will be quick to tell you about eating meals – the toddler wants to do it themselves. Getting dressed? Do it myself. Buckling the car seat? I do it. Of course, toddlers still need their parents, but parents can nurture and encourage their child's burgeoning independence by partnering with them to reach some meaningful goals. Potty training your toddler is the first real opportunity for mom, dad and child to partner together to make and achieve a shared goal. And by working together, you can make it custom to your child's unique needs.


Pull-Ups Brand, along with child development experts including Dr. Heather Wittenberg, has created a whole new way to train that takes the guesswork out of potty training. The Pull-Ups Potty Partnership is a personalized, comprehensive program that allows you to partner with your child's unique personality, on their schedule and according to how they learn.

"Pull-Ups has been a partner to parents and children throughout their potty training journeys for 27 years, and we know every child potty trains differently," said Melanie Huet, Pull-Ups Global Brand Director. "The Pull-Ups Potty Partnership was a natural next step for us. It is based on years of research and observation, and it puts the emphasis of potty training where it should be – a joint partnership between parent and toddler to reach this important milestone."

Child development expert Dr. Wittenberg echoed the significance of this landmark, noting, "Potty training is the signature developmental milestone for toddlers. There are several ways to help your little ones feel this sense of achievement and reinforce the promise that you're in it together, like ditching the diapers. Making the transition to training pants helps remind your child of the new potty skills they're working so hard to learn, and it's a symbol of your commitment to the journey."

Pull-Ups partners, actress and mom Jaime King and viral video star Esther Anderson of Story of This Life, are among the first parents to potty train their toddlers with the new method. "We knew potty training our daughter Ellia was going to be interesting, especially since we've never ventured into that scary world, but it made complete sense to us to potty train her in a way that worked with her little personality," Anderson said. "My husband and I have documented so many of Ellia's milestones over her life for our audience, so this really was another fun way to show the reality that any parent who's been-there-done-that would be able to relate to."

King shared her take on the partnership, spilling, "So many parents look at their friends on Facebook or perfect pictures on Pinterest and think that's what it takes to be a good mom or dad. That's why I like the Pull-Ups Potty Partnership – it's not one size fits all. It embraces every family's unique differences and allows you to train at your child's own pace. We can be confident training James Knight on his own timeline with a method that works for him. Plus, he loves Mickey Mouse on his Pull-Ups pants!"

The Pull-Ups Potty Partnership is based on the idea that successful partnerships are built on an understanding of your partner and what makes them tick. Developed in partnership with Dr. Wittenberg and early childhood educators, the five potty training personalities are designed to recognize common personality traits in young children, and then arm mom and dad with tools and tips specific to how their child learns.

Parents can take the potty personality quiz at to find out their child's personality:

  • The Squirrel: Squirrels are always on-the-go, so they couldn't care less about stopping to use the potty. Their can't-stop, won't-stop energy makes potty time a real adventure. 
  • The Puppy: No one is more eager to begin potty training than the Puppy! This is a kid who wants to know how a big kid uses the potty and seeks to please.
  • The Owl: An Owl is determined, busy and predictable. They are persistent and ready for potty training progress, and likely to be fascinated by the potty supplies and process. 
  • The Turtle: A Turtle is content with the way things are now and rather resistant to change. Turtles prefer quiet activities and can be slow to warm up to new situations – like potty training. 
  • The Bear Cub: Bear Cubs would rather be playing and exploring than settling down to learn to use the potty. They tend to be friendly and relaxed when meeting new people and trying new things, and are pretty easygoing with change.

King revealed, "James Knight's potty personality is a Puppy! He is always so excited to show me what he can do on the potty. I love watching Story of This Life's videos and seeing the differences between Ellia and James Knight. Her little Ellia is definitely a Bear Cub and oh, so cute!"

The Pull-Ups Potty Partnership supports parents with the tools they need to manage a successful partnership with their child, including advice specific to each child's unique personality. "Ellia is a Bear Cub; she's ridiculously independent and free-spirited," said Anderson. "The tips on taught us to introduce potty training in a way that lets her think it's her idea but also fits into our lifestyle."

King and Anderson will continue to share their real-life challenges with the Pull-Ups Potty Partnership online. "We are excited to continue to follow Jaime and Esther's potty training journeys, and to hear from other parents as they experience their own Potty Partnership together with their children," said Huet. "Pull-Ups is proud to be considered another partner to parents and their children during this important and exciting time in their lives."

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The partnership starts with knowing your child's personality type. We've developed five toddler personalities that occur most often: Squirrel, Turtle, Puppy, Owl, and Bear Cub.

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