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The Mindset of Progress Over Perfection: Kimberly-Clark's Jeannette Chantalat Offers Insights in Sustainable Innovation
Sep 25, 2023

Global Head of Innovation and Sustainability Accelerator, Jeannette Chantalat, recently joined the Tech Transformation Podcast hosted by Lisa Johnston, editor of Consumer Goods Technology, where she discussed leveraging consumer insights in product development to advance sustainability goals.

“We’re making sure that we're constantly learning. Because our consumers are always changing, our market landscapes are always changing. We know that when we do something great today, we're just setting the bar higher for tomorrow. The innovation mindset has to be one of constant learning and progress over perfection,” said Jeannette.

Jeannette also discussed digital prototyping, measuring success with retail partners across the value chain, setting key performance indicators for sustainable innovation and more.

Listen to Jeannette’s episode here:

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