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Perspectives from Kimberly-Clark's Chief Growth Officer: How a 150-Year-Old Company is Harnessing its Pioneering Spirit to Build a Better Future
Oct 26, 2022

Alison Lewis, Kimberly-Clark’s chief growth officer, sat down with Dr. Sally Uren, the chief executive at Forum for the Future, for a fireside chat at the Sustainable Brands ’22 conference about how Kimberly-Clark – a 150-year-old company – is harnessing its pioneering spirit to build a better future.

During the conversation, Alison shared why sustainability must be embedded in the business, the importance of radical collaboration, how to turn challenges into opportunities to innovate more sustainable products, and why embracing disruption is the only way to drive long-term growth.

Learn more about Sustainable Brands and its recent conference here.

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