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Lisa Morden: “Our Heritage Is Rooted in Building Sustainability Into Our Business Model”
Oct 11, 2023

Lisa Morden, vice president of safety, sustainability and occupational health, recently joined the 5th annual Economist Impact ESG and Climate Risk Week for the virtual panel, “The Risks of Handling Climate and Biodiversity in Silos,” where she discussed what Kimberly-Clark is doing to integrate nature and biodiversity into our business strategy.

“The integration of climate, biodiversity and nature more broadly is absolutely fundamental to building resilience in our extended supply chain and value chain. It's part of how we have to run our business. As a 150-year-old company anchored in the natural resource space, our heritage is rooted in building sustainability into our business model overall,” Lisa said.

The panel also covered topics including how to integrate climate with the broader nature strategy, the role biodiversity can play in risk reduction and the crucial next steps to ensure further integration of climate and biodiversity.

Watch the full panel discussion here:

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