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Female Leaders Share Why Employee Resource Groups Are 'Good for People, Good for Business'
Mar 15, 2023

What is the biggest challenge facing working women today, and how can employee resource groups (ERGs) help address it? Courtney Hering, Kimberly-Clark’s business development manager and co-chair of the company’s Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN), recently answered this question during a conversation with female ERG leaders Kia Wilson from Verizon and Mary Young from LinkedIn as part of the Women’s CoLab 'Good For People, Good For Business' ERG panel.

Courtney also shared insights she has gained from both participating in and serving as a leader of WIN, the pivots WIN has made to effectively reach female employees across all levels in an ever-changing environment, how to ensure that an ERG’s mission and vision are aligned with the needs of the broader organization, and more.

Check out the full ERG panel here.

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