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Lori Shaffer Encourages Purdue University Students to ‘Embrace the Opportunities that Scare You the Most’
Mar 30, 2023

Lori Shaffer, our vice president of global nonwovens, recently spoke at her alma mater, Purdue University. She was invited to keynote a monthly meeting for the school’s Women in Engineering Mentees & Mentors Program, which she was heavily involved in during her time at Purdue. She shared more about her storied career at Kimberly-Clark along with the power of harnessing an agile mindset.

“Be open-minded to taking on new opportunities. The opportunities that scare you the most are the ones that will stretch and grow you beyond what you could ever imagine,” she said.

During the conversation, Lori discussed the art of pivoting quickly to adapt and encouraged students to never be afraid to ask for what they want.

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